DC Comics Issues Apology for Distasteful 'Doomsday Clock' Tweet

DC Comics has heard the outcry from the fans and is apologizing for its less-than-tasteful joke on Twitter earlier this morning.

In an attempt to promote its popular Doomsday Clock event, the company referenced the dangerous issues, like the threat of nuclear war, as a light-hearted joke. The tweet said:

"Take your mind off the real #DoomsdayClock with DOOMSDAY CLOCK #3, out now."

The tweet also included a link to the website where you could purchase the new issue, which was released to the public on Wednesday. As you can imagine, this didn't go over well with the fans.

Five hours later, the company issued an official apology on the same Twitter account, hoping to save face with some of the fans.

"Sincere apologies for this morning's tweet," the message stated. "It was not meant to offend or minimize the seriousness of today's events."

The story in question, Doomsday Clock, is all about how certain characters handle the end of the world, which is staring them in the face. It's a dark tale, much like its predecessor The Watchmen, and puts a spotlight on the tragic ending to our planet that many of us fear.

Some fans have issues with the story itself, as its utilizing the characters from Alan Moore's Watchmen series without the author's input.

After a couple of delays on individual issues of Doomsday Clock, the company announced that the title would be moving to a bi-monthly schedule, rather than once a month.