'Legends of Tomorrow' Star On the Strangest Scene She Ever Had To Film

During a season three episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Amaya Jiwe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) played a hunched, aged version of her character from the final moments of her life -- and it was not a fun experience.

Not because she was particularly worried about getting old or anything. This scene was difficult largely because of the practical elements that went into it -- especially the makeup.

"When I had to play an 80-year-old version of my character in Legends of Tomorrow, I was sent to a full head cast, which is as horrible as it sounds," Richardson-Sellers told Square Mile. "I was covered in plaster from my shoulders up with just two breathing holes for two hours. They then created a whole new face and neck for me that was glued on and spray painted over the course of four hours. The end result was freakishly convincing. Trying to act through a face of rubber was an experience, and Nick Zano could barely look at me without laughing, which didn’t help. ‘Always wear sunscreen’ was the mental note that I made when I saw the end result."

Zano, who has done a lot of comedy, could probably be forgiven for cracking a bit between takes in an absurd circumstance, but the complicated process to get the practical makeup prepared, combined with having to not only act under all of that but do some minor action scenes as well, makes for what sounds like a pretty difficult process.


That scene, of course, was key to charting the course for Nate and Amaya going into season four; at the end of season three, Amaya went back in time to where she "belongs," so that her children and grandchildren could be born to protect Zambesi -- and at one point, Star City alongside Green Arrow and his team. How she gets "out" of that situation and is allowed back on the Waverider is, as yet, anybody's guess.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow just began production on its fourth season, which will be on the air in October. It will air on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.