Cameron Cuffe Breaks Silence on Krypton Cancellation

Fans were stunned by the announcement that Krypton was cancelled less than two days after the Season 2 finale, meaning that the further adventures of Seg-El will no longer continue on SYFY. While the network passed on future episodes of the Superman prequel series, some are still holding out hope that the show will get picked up elsewhere.

And while it's understandable for everyone involved to be disappointed in the news, to lash out, or to speak ill of the powers that be, Krypton star Cameron Cuffe took the high road when he finally spoke out about the show's cancellation.

News of Krypton's cancellation has caused a lot of fans to criticize the network, especially after the epic season finale that teased the Rann-Thanagar War as well as the debuts of Hawkwoman and the Omega Men. And with all of the loose threads just waiting to be tied, there's hope that HBO Max or DC Universe could possibly continue the show elsewhere.

We know that there are plans for the future of the series, and the second season of Krypton would not have ended the way it did if anyone know the show would be cancelled. One of the series' major antagonists is the character Brainiac, who is last seen absconding with the baby Jor-El AKA Superman's dad.

Brainiac actor Blake Ritson spoke with ComicBook's Russ Burlingame about the series multi-year plan, which now might never come to fruition.


"When I, when I was, the way this all started for me, so two or three years ago I was, I worked with David Goyer for a number of years ago [on Da Vinci's Demons], and he told me about Krypton and this amazing, ambitious show he was developing and I always thought, 'fantastic, can't wait to see it.' He phoned me, we had a chat, he said, 'how would you like to be the big bad and the voice of Rao?' and he spelt out very, very loosely how he imagined every season for the next five, six seasons would play out. Whether or not we get there, I don't know, but he has shown me an architecture of many seasons to come which, if we get there, is properly insane and will be one of the most ambitious shows of this type that has ever existed. So, I will be hugely excited if we keep on that track."

Hopefully fans hear news about a possible Krypton revival very soon.

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