Titans Season 2 Premiere Synopsis Revealed

The new season of Titans is nearly upon us, offering more DC Universe action to a group of superheroes who you better not call sidekicks. But while there's still a lot more we don't know about the upcoming season, the streaming service is finally started to unveil new details about the return of Titans.

Along with a batch of brand new photos from the season premiere, DC Universe also unveiled a brand new synopsis for the episode. And after Raven's father Trigon forced Dick Grayson to face his inner darkness in the first season finale, it sounds like he'll be targeting the other heroes in the show's return. Check out the synopsis below:

"The season two premiere episode follows directly after the apocalyptic events of last season's finale. With Rachel's father, Trigon (guest star SEAMUS DEVER) having successfully turned Dick dark, he sets out to win the others over to his side by embracing their inner darkness. With everyone under Trigon's control, Rachel and Gar find themselves fighting what seems like a hopeless battle against the powers of Trigon."

One of the biggest criticisms of Titans Season 1 was how the show ended abruptly, which is partially explained by the producers' decision to end on a cliffhanger instead of their planned climax. Showrunner Greg Walker explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that they felt the Dick Grayson cliffhanger, after he hallucinated murdering his mentor Batman, was the strongest way to end the first season.

"I think one of the things that most intrigued me and brought me to Titans was this idea of depicting Dick Grayson and his journey as Robin in a very emotional and psychologically grounded way," said Walker. "I liked it both thematically and I liked it from a cliffhanger point of view, and I liked that it focused, in many ways, back to where we started with the Dick-Rachel story," Walker said. "It felt very focused and sharp and made you want to know how you’re going to pull him back from the brink of disaster, as it were."

The show actually filmed an entirely different finale — and it looks like we might finally see parts of that production as part of the Season 2 premiere, according to Walker.


"We’ve started in on another episode that will finalize the Trigon story, and it felt like it needed to do two things: end one season and launch another," Walker added. "We got really excited about the way to launch a new season with that episode and pitched it to our partners at DC and Warner Brothers, and they signed on. We shot a piece that we’re going to use, and then we’re going to incorporate it into where we want to launch the new season."

Titans Season 2 premieres on DC Universe on September 6th.

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