DC Reveals The Teen Titans Traitor

Teen Titans continues to be wildly entertaining, and things are reaching a boiling point in Teen Titans #34. This issue, the team figures out who has been sabotaging their efforts from the inside, and the results are shocking. Kid Flash, Robin, Djinn, Crush, and Roundhouse are all looking at each other very skeptically upon the realization that someone has stolen Djinn's ring and the power that comes with it. *Spoilers for Teen Titans #34 ahead!*

After the magical girl freaks out about her ring being snatched, Robin goes into detective mode to find out exactly who could have done this. He's been skeptical about there being a mole among the team's roster for a while now. When Deathstroke broke out of their prison, the villain told the Boy Wonder that he didn't trigger the event and that one of the Titans was responsible.

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Now, Red Arrow ended up putting Deathstroke out of commission before Robin could get the details of exactly who was behind all of this. Crush and Djinn have an argument which sets off the team leader's alarm bells almost immediately. (The young hero has had the entire place filled with cameras for a while now.) However, Lobo's daughter rebuffs his claims and tells him to get lost.

Next, Robin heads to Roundhouse's room and tries to channel his father in an attempt to get a confession out of his teammate. That goes about as well as you would think with the rotund hero calling out the Titans' leader for being manipulative. Trips to visit Kid Flash and Djinn herself prove to be unsuccessful, and the issue flashes to where Emiko is staying in Manhattan as she's laying low in a property owned by Oliver Queen.

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Red Arrow is attacked by Djinn and manages to actually wound her former teammate. But, before she can say who is attacking her, Emiko is tossed out of the high-rise window. It is revealed that Djinn is under the control of Roundhouse and Robin was right to suspect his motives. Now, the pair are going to try and take out the other Titans, unless the team can figure it out in time.

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Adam Glass and Bernard Chang's run has been building up to a point like this. The two have been carefully sowing seeds of discord with the prison, Deathstroke's demise, Lobo's attack, and now this morally grey brainwashing debacle. Trust between the Titans has been fraying more and more with each issue, and now it's coming to a head. To make matters worse, Lobo is still out there hankering for revenge due to Lex Luthor freeing him from the precarious position the team left him in.

Robin is going to have to find a way to rally the troops and forge everyone together to overcome the power that the traitor has managed to gather. Damian has been walking a thin line for a while now as he tries to correct some of the "mistakes" he believes that his father committed in his war to rid Gotham of crime. Now, he's going to need the strength of his entire team to help save the Titans before anyone else gets hurt.