5 Arrowverse Characters You Don't Want to Be Your Secret Santa

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means getting together with friends, parties, and the annual Secret Santa gift exchanges. While some people are awesome gift-givers, there are always those who lack in the Christmas spirit department, and when it comes to the Arrowverse, we're pretty sure there are a few characters you definitely would be concerned to discover was in charge of buying your presents.

From heroes to villains and Supergirl to Arrow there are a few characters in The CW's shared superhero universe that really should just opt out of the Arrowverse gift exchange. In fact, we've come up with five specific characters from Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow that you really, really don't want to be your Secret Santa.

Prometheus/Adrian Chase (Arrow)

We know, he killed himself during Arrow's Season Five finale, but if he somehow managed to survive his grand plan on Lian Yu, we're pretty sure he would be a horrible Secret Santa. And not because he'd be the kind of person to forget until the last minute and throw some weird and random things together. On the contrary, we're pretty sure Prometheus would be the kind of guy who would obsess over the details of the gift exchange and take great pains to elaborately wrap and execute the perfect gift -- key word being execute. Prometheus strikes us as the kind of guy who would celebrate the 12 days of Christmas by sending you a piece of your loved one for each day.

Harry Wells (The Flash)

Good old Harry might surprise us and actually be full of the Christmas spirit, but somehow we don't think so. First, do they even celebrate Christmas on Earth-2? And if they do, and Harry really is the kind of guy who would surprise us with his secret festive nature, we're still pretty sure his idea of a good Christmas gift would be, well, boring. Harry's the kind of guy who would give you a pack of pencils and, maybe, a gift card for $5 to Jitters. Worse yet, whatever he did give you would probably not even be wrapped taking away the joy of tearing into packaging. If you get him, hope he tasks Jesse with buying your gift.

Zari (Legends of Tomorrow)

We think Zari would be a bad Secret Santa not because she'd be bad at giving gifts, but because she wouldn't get the point. With Zari only recently having joined the Legends after living under in a brutal, dystopian version of the future where religion was outlawed, the concept of Secret Santa would be completely strange to her. Not to mention, it would be outside her faith, which would itself just lend to an overall awkwardness. And, if for some reason she actually decided she wanted to participate, we're pretty sure she'd be easily distracted by all the delicious Christmas goodies Gideon is able to create on the Waverider. We don't blame her; we would be, too.

Mon-El (Supergirl)

We're not giving Kara's ex a pass because he had to flee Earth or die last season and then ended up in the 31st century. Even this version of Mon-El, who apparently was so devoted to Kara's heroic example that he started his own team of heroes in his time-displaced home doesn't seem like he'd be great at gift-giving. After all, he is taking his wife to do all the things he used to do with Kara. That seems kind of selfish to us, not to mention we have some questions about where he gets his income and we definitely don't want stolen gifts.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Arrow)


Even when he was wealthy, Oliver isn't someone we'd be excited to have as a Secret Santa. He's the kind of guy who would put off buying the gift until the last minute because he is so busy, or he would just outsource the task of gift buying to either Thea, Lance, or Rene because Oliver himself was dealing with some pressing crisis facing either Star City or himself. There's also the chance that Oliver could be behind bars before time for the gift exchange, and we're pretty sure that you don't get to shop on Amazon in federal prison. He would fail this gift exchange.

The Arrowverse shows are on winter hiatus right now and will return starting with Supergirl on Monday, January 15, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW.