Anna Kendrick Comments On People Taking Her Robin Pitch For Batman Film Seriously

If a celebrity says anything these days, their words will almost surely become a headline. That is exactly what happened to Anna Kendrick earlier this week when an interview of her with Ben Affleck rolled out on MTV. The video featured a skit where the actress jokingly auditioned to play Robin in Affleck’s Batman film. However, plenty of sites took Kendrick and her skit too seriously - and now the actress is pushing back at those reports.

The actress spoke to BadTaste at the Italian premiere of The Accountant and nodded to the Internet’s over-the-top reaction to her Robin joke. “It’s been interesting,” she said. “We did that skit for MTV, and we couldn’t have been more obviously joking. But, yeah, it’s cool people are taking it seriously. I guess.”

It’s hard to miss Kendrick’s sarcastic quips during the brief interview. The actress has also taken to Twitter to address those who spun her sidekick pitch as fact rather than farce. She tweeted at /Film, saying she appreciates that they filed their article on the interview under “LOL.”

“People taking it seriously should take a hard look at themselves,” she said, ending her tweet with a solid ‘eye roll’ emoji.

If you take time to watch the full interview with Kendrick and Affleck, then you can clearly see the skit was meant for good fun. She tells Affleck she loves superhero movies and exaggerated a response when asked about her next projects. She said, “I have a big hole in the Kendrick schedule. I just wish I knew someone who was directing an action movie and could cast little old me.”

Then, Kendrick makes it absolutely clear she’s joking when she whips out a yellow cap and mask with Robin’s logo on it. “Holy coincidence Batman! Any room for a plucky sidekick?” she asks Affleck who looks at her in general dismay.


The joke was carried on after the interview when Kendrick appeared in an Instagram photo belonging to Joe Manganiello, the actor who will bring Deathstroke to life in the DC Extended Universe. The actor posted a picture of him standing back-to-back with the actress and captioned the photo as “Deathstroke and Robin.” The image sent fans into a frenzy, prompting some to question whether Kendrick’s joke was really in jest or a cry for casting.

Now, the actress has made it clear: the whole pitch was a joke and can we please stop taking it so seriously? Of course, there were those who immediately overlooked articles speculating about the interview’s authenticity. After all, the actress has indicated a mild interest in Marvel’s Squirrel Girl, so there would be a conflict in interests if the actress played on teams for both Marvel and DC.