Amber Heard Reveals One of Her Favorite 'Aquaman' Movie Scenes

DC Films fans will finally take a substantial trip under the sea later this year when Aquaman premieres, following up the character's appearance in Justice League.

But he'll be joined by his comic book queen in Mera, with the role being reprised by Justice League actor Amber Heard. She recently spoke openly about her part in the film, even revealing her favorite scene in a conversation with EW.

While addressing changes in her costume from Justice League to Aquaman, Heard revealed a humorous instance that will take place with Mera in the upcoming film.

"Justice League highlighted her militaristic side," said Heard. "In Aquaman we have a fuller picture, not just her as Mera of Atlantis but also see her struggle in the surface world in civilian clothes. One of my favorite scenes is her first time on the surface world and she’s forced to dress as a normal human.

"We wanted to honor the comic books, I wanted to stick with how she’s depicted in the comic books in a superficial way, I wanted to go full comic book as to how she looks, but it’s in the nuance of her personality where I wanted to push the boundaries."

Heard hints at Mera's jaded view of the surface dwellers, as indicative of her disdain of the fashion. The actor addressed that conflict and what it stems from.

"She has a natural antagonistic view of the surface world which you can understand if you look at the condition of the oceans today, how somebody living in the ocean world would feel that way," Heard said. "We had time to fully flesh out her character. Jason [Momoa, Aquaman actor] becomes more Atlantean more super and mine becomes more human."

Heard signed on for the role with Justice League, and previously said that she was convinced to join the superhero universe by ousted director Zack Snyder.

"I'm allergic to being the damsel, the two-dimensional archetype of what women are often limited to in this industry, especially in the superhero world," Heard said. "Zack got me at 'warrior queen.' He said, 'You get a sword and a crown,' and I'm like, 'Okay.'"


Fans will get to see Mera share the spotlight with Arthur Curry when Aquaman debuts in theaters on December 21st.

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