'Aquaman' Runtime Reportedly Revealed

As far as superhero movies go, DC Comics most recent cinematic outputs have mostly been longer than two hours. And it sounds like Aquaman will follow in suit of its predecessors.

According to a recent report from Heroic Hollywood, James Wan's followup to Justice League will clock in at 139 minutes.

The runtime is in step with Wonder Woman, which clocked in at 141 minutes, and Man of Steel, which ran 143 minutes. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice remains the longest film at 151 minutes. Justice League and Suicide Squad remain the shortest films from the DC Films universe, running at 120 minutes and 123 minutes respectively.

While the DC Comics cinematic universe has yet to produce a traditional film that's exemplary of other movies in the franchise, more of them have embraced the concept of the post-credits scene. These clips not only extend the runtime, but tease something more happening in the future to keep fans invested.

Apparently, Aquaman will include a mid-credits scene, according to recent reports from early screenings. And though they've yet to reveal what those screenings include, a previous post from Discussing Film.

"From our sources, we can confirm that Warner Bros' next DC film, Aquaman, which will splash into cinemas on December 21st, will currently include a post credits scene featuring Randall Park's Dr. Stephen Shin and Yahya Abdul Mateen II's Black Manta and setting up Black Manta for a larger villainous role in potential Aquaman sequels," the site said.

It sounds like Black Manta will play a major role in the franchise, though King Orm will be the primary antagonist in the upcoming movie. ComicBook.com spoke with Black Manta actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II about his role in the film, providing some insight into his character.


"We meet Black Manta at a time where ... he's riding on high. He's just come off of his wind, and there's a changing of the guards, so to speak," said Mateen. "And then, this guy, Aquaman, comes in, and crashes the party.... so, we meet him at a time when he's just, he's on top and then, bam, immediately, an event happens, and he's at the bottom... And then, from then on, you know, 'It's Aquaman's fault!' He has very little else to live for, and so it becomes that revenge story."

Aquaman premieres in theaters on December 21st.