'Arrow' Showrunner Says Both Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Have Been Talked About

The Arrowverse has played host to a lot of DC Comics characters at this point. Some, like Wild Dog and Elongated Man have made their way into regular appearance on shows like Arrow and The Flash while others, such as Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress, have had much briefer appearances. Now, Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim is opening up two characters fans hope to see show up eventually.

During the DCTV panel at ACE Comic Con in Long Island this weekend, a fan asked if Blue Bettle and Booster Gold had ever been considered, especially since Kord Industries has been mentioned multiple times and it turns out, they have.

"I will say, both those characters [Booster Gold and Blue Beetle] are characters we've talked about," Guggenheim said. "Originally Ray Palmer, who was introduced on Arrow, he was supposed to be Ted Kord and we went another way. So, you know, Booster and Blue Beetle, all the 'B' characters really, we're always talking about but nothing I can announce or speak to at the moment."

While the idea that fans almost got Ted Kord before it ended up being Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) who came in and took over Queen Consolidated isn't exactly news to fans, Guggenheim seemed hint that the idea of Kord/Blue Bettle and Booster Gold joining the Arrowverse may be coming closer to becoming reality. What Arrowverse show the heroes might appear on, though, remains fairly open. While Kord Industries has been mentioned several times on Arrow and The Flash, Booster Gold may have closer ties to Legends of Tomorrow. In comics, Rip Hunter's father was none other than Booster Gold and, given the time-hopping nature of the series, Booster making an appearance on the Waverider might not be totally unlikely.


Of course, Blue Bettle and Booster Gold aren't the only characters Guggenheim has considered bringing into the Arrowverse. Guggenheim said earlier in his panel that he would really like to see The Question appear on Arrow.

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW. The show is presently on its winter hiatus and will return Thursday, January 18, 2018.