Arrow Season 5 Set Photos Reveal Wild Dog, Artemis & Mr. Terrific Costumes

Arrow season 5 has the dual challenge of trying to return the series to the more grounded premise of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow as a street-level vigilante, while continuing to expand the world of the "Flarrowverse," which will see The Flash altering the timeline (with possible ramifications for Arrow), and Supergirl/Superman joining the continuity.

As we saw in the Arrow season 5 trailer, in this newest season Oliver will be training a new "Team Arrow" made of young or inexperienced protéges, which include DC Comics characters "Wild Dog" (Rick Gonzalez), "Artemis" (Madison Mclaughlin) and the long-awaited transition of Echo Kellum's Curtis into "Mr. Terrific."

Get a look at Green Arrow's new trainees in their official superhero costumes:

The CW DC TV shows are generally well-regarded for providing solid adaptations of DC Comics superhero/villain costumes (with a few exceptions, of course). This latest batch of images shows us that Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific will look pretty close to their comic book counterparts; Artemis, on the other hand, looks to be in a somewhat downgraded costume, with what looks to be a hooded shirt, leather jacket and questionable looking mask. Like some of the lesser DC CW costumes, it looks a little on the cosplay side.


As always, though, set photos (with all their grainy resolution, far away images and muted lighting) are the measure to judge by. How the characters will look onscreen, and how their stunt doubles look during the action sequences (which we've been promised will be more intense in season 5), matters a great deal more.

Arrow returns to The CW Wednesday October 5, 2016.