'Arrow': Could Black Siren Soon Get a New Costume?

This season of Arrow has provided fans with plenty to take in - and there's a chance that could soon involve a costume change.

Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel Lance/Black Siren on The CW's series, recently shared a photo of her inside in a plaster face mold, which is used in creating molds of an actor's head for some sort of design process. You can check it out below.

très chic

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This photo has led to quite a bit of speculation from fans, with some wondering - if the mask is for Arrow - what this will mean for Laurel as this season goes on. And knowing the world of Arrow, there are certainly a few options at play, a lot of which seem to point to some sort of new costume (or at very least, a new mask) for Black Siren.

Cassidy was fitted in a similar sort of face mold back in season three, just before Earth-1 Laurel made her debut as Black Canary. Seeing as that costume remains under glass in Team's Arrow bunker, it's safe to assume that this new mask is for some sort of new costume altogether, as opposed to Siren suiting up in her Earth-1 counterpart's outfit (or, you know, a flashback of Earth-1 Laurel).

There's a chance this mask could be for some sort of flashback for Black Siren, although there might need to be some sort of narrative reason for her wearing a mask on Earth-2 (considering the fact that she isn't wearing one now, despite her sharing the face of one of Star City's most notable figures).

With that in mind, some have begun to speculate that Black Siren could be redeemed sooner than later, leading to her having a more heroic costume. This was certainly supported in last week's episode, after Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) told Laurel that he can see her as a hero. (And no, that whole thing with Vigilante at the episode's end should not counteract that.)


Laurel being on the road to redemption has been teased for quite some time now, with fans expressing their excitement through the #RedemptionForBlackSiren hashtag. While it's still too early to tell when that will happen, photos like these are sure to get fans excited.

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.