Stephen Amell Picks the Best Green Arrow Sidekick

Oliver Queen may have a whole team to back him up, but when it comes who is the best sidekick there can be only one and according to Stephen Amell it's a choice that comes down to family.

At his panel at Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, the Arrow star was asked who he thought was the better Green Arrow sidekick, Willa Holland's Speedy or Colton Haynes' Arsenal. It's a question Amell gets asked frequently, but the actor admitted that Arsenal was the best sidekick only because Speedy is Oliver's sister.

"The cross-country tour of people making me choose between Willa Holland and Colton Haynes continues," Amell said. "Okay, I'm going to say Arsenal and here's why -- because Speedy can always still be my family sidekick without necessarily being my sidekick in the field. She will always be my sister before she's my sidekick."

On Arrow Oliver's sister Thea, aka Speedy, is a support of emotional support for the hero before she joins Team Arrow in the third season. In show's fourth season she takes up the sidekick spot vacated by the departing Roy Harper, aka Arsenal. Despite retiring from her life as a vigilante in season five, Thea continues to serve as a sidekick of sorts for Oliver as his Chief of Staff in the Mayor's office as well as a voice of reason for her brother.

However, Speedy's permanent place in as Oliver's sidekick in one fashion or another isn't the only reason Arsenal is Amell's choice for Oliver's best sidekick. Arsenal being Green Arrow's sidekick is the only reason Oliver cares about him.

"If Roy wasn't Arsenal I wouldn't care about him," Amell said. "So, I'll go with Arsenal on that one."

Even if Oliver doesn't have a reason to care about Arsenal outside of Team Arrow, at least not in the same way he cares about Speedy, Amell definitely cares about having Colton Haynes on the show. At his Heroes & Villains Fan Fest panel in Nashville back in July, Amell was clear about wanting to see Haynes' Arsenal return to the show.

"If we end this show, whenever it happens to end, without seeing Roy Harper again, I think we will have made a tragic mistake," Amell said.

Hopefully fans won't have to wait too long to see Haynes' crimson archer return. The actor teased earlier this month on Twitter that his character is "coming back very soon."

Arrow premieres on Thursday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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