'Batman Beyond' Robin Costume Debuts for First Time

Batman Beyond took a massive step in its story this past week, as the future, Terry McGinnis version of the Caped Crusader finally got his own Robin.

If you're not familiar, Batman Beyond tells the story of Bruce Wayne as an older, wheelchair-bound man, who can't fight crime as Batman anymore. So he enlists the help of a young man named Terry McGinnis and equips him with a brand new Batsuit.

Traditionally, Terry's Batman has never had a Robin, but that changed recently in the current Batman Beyond arc, when Terry's little brother Matt was sent into action by Bruce during a dangerous mission. Terry didn't want Matt involved, but Bruce knew that it was inevitable.

This week, in Batman Beyond #20, Bruce gave Matt an upgrade in the form of an upgraded Robin suit. As Terry and Matt flew into action, side-by-side, it marked the first time that this Batman had a Robin.

Check out the first look at Matt in his new Robin costume below.

batman beyond robin suit
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Unfortunately, Matt's being Robin could become a disadvantage for Terry. He's already frustrated that his brother is in the field to begin with, and angry with Bruce for making the decision for him. Terry feels like Matt isn't ready to fight yet, but what's done is done, and his young brother is a part of the action now.

The bigger problem for Terry is that he may actually be right. During their first mission, Matt hesitated and could have caused some serious danger, proving that Terry may have had a point.


What do you think of the new Robin costume? Will Matt last as Terry's longterm sidekick, or will their relationship as brothers get in the way? Let us know in the comment section below!

Batman Beyond #20, written by Dan Jurgens and illustrated by Marco Castiello, is for sale now online and at your local comics shop.