Batman/Catwoman Reveals Future Harley Quinn

With its story threads set in multiple timelines, Batman/Catwoman has given readers glimpses of various DC Comics characters in the future. One of the biggest reveals was the future Joker, who Selina killed early on in the series for what happened to Andrea Beaumont/Phantasm -- a story that is still playing out in the present-day storyline of the series. This week, however, Batman/Catwoman #5 gives fans a look at the future Harley Quinn, and this take is one that differs a bit from other versions we've seen in other comics but remains a character deeply entangled with the Joker.

Warning: Spoilers for Batman/Catwoman #5 below.

In the storyline set in the future -- the one that saw an older Selina kill the Joker -- Harley Quinn shows up at Wayne Manor to confront Selina. While her status with the Joker in the years between the present -- which, in mainline comments has Harley broken up with and out from under the thumb of the Joker and trying to make her own way -- and the future isn't clear, the importance of the Joker to her is. She shows up in what appears to be one of the Joker's cars and is dressed in a costume similar to one of her early looks from when she was with him.

batman catwoman 5 harley quinn
(Photo: DC Comics)

She quickly confronts Selina for having murdered the Joker, but Harley isn't mad that he's dead. She's upset that Selina killed "the love of her life" before she herself had a chance to do so. A fight between the two women ensues, with Harley mostly going on about how the Joker seemed to see Selina as different than everyone else as well as Harley being reduced at a point to simply telling Selina to die over and over. The fight ends with Selina subduing Harley just in time for Helena to come home and wonder what's been going on.

This is far from the first time that we've seen a future version of Harley Quinn, but while this one feels a little like it strips Harley of some of the development other comics have shown for her, it does offer some sharp insight into Harley actually is. During the altercation, Selina tells Harley that the reason Harley could never kill Joker was because, despite everything she's done and the way she's presented herself, the truth is Harley has always been good at her core as opposed to herself who she says has always had darkness.


Batman/Catwoman #5 is on sale now.