DC Fans Are Already Cosplaying as Punchline

There's certainly no shortage of new and surprising characters that debut in comics each year, shaking up the status quo that our heroes and villains thought they knew. DC Comics has already seen the effects of that in a surprising way, with the unveiling of their new character Punchline. The femme fatale, who isn't actually expected to debut until next week's Batman #89, has already made quite an impression on comics readers -- and inspired them to get creative. Jorge Jimenez, who co-created Punchline with James Tynion IV, recently took to Twitter to share several fanmade cosplays of the character. As Jimenez pointed out, it's impressive that the character has already warranted so much cosplay "without having yet published on a single comic page".

Punchline, who is being dubbed as the new girlfriend of The Joker, is set to first debut in Batman #89, before cameoing in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3. Both issues have already been sent for a second printing, which seems to indicate just how curious fans are about the character.

While a lot is still unknown about Punchline, it will be interesting to see what ever-evolving role she plays in the "Joker War" arc that the series is teasing.

"This is the story that started in the epilogue to Batman 85, and will be the biggest Joker story since Batman: Endgame back during the New 52," Tynion previously said in a statement. "This story is going to have huge, huge ramifications for Gotham City. You’ll see all the seeds planted for Joker War in the background of THEIR DARK DESIGNS, especially as it hits its climax in April, but the big story starts in May."


"It is going to be a very, very scary story," Tynion continued. "I can’t say much about it yet, other than you should probably read it and order lots and lots and lots of copies, just in case you get too freaked up and tear one of them up from the excitement."

Are you excited to see Punchline make her DC Comics debut? Have these cosplays inspired you to make your own tribute to the character? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!