Batman Movie Trailer Done In Logan Style

If the trailer for Logan didn’t tear at your heart, then there are few things that can. The slow footage paired beautifully with Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” a la Nine Inch Nails, and Hugh Jackman’s brief performance was enough to send fans into a fit. The anticipated trailer has since spawned off dozens of copycats from fans of other franchises, and it seems like one DC Films fanboy has given the Logan treatment to Gotham’s own vigilante, Batman.

Youtuber Gage Masterson uploaded a video titled “Wayne Trailer (Logan Style)” online to rave reviews. The video features Cash’s iconic cover and footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The video is a tribute to Ben Affleck’s tenure as the Dark Knight, and the clip is suitably heavy on the soul.

The trailer features voiceovers from Bruce Wayne, and viewers can piece together a rather tragic story from the mashed-up footage. The vigilante appears to be alone following an unknown event that has cost him friends and family.

Masterson’s editing treatment is a thing of beauty, no doubt. The video depicts Bruce as a broken man with only his dark memories to keep him company - and they are very dark. Fans are treated to a few sneak-peek images of Batman facing down with the Joker courtesy of Suicide Squad. The cut scenes add a sense of urgency to the trailer as Cash’s cover moves towards its climax.

And, by the end, fans are left to watch Bruce as he leaves Superman’s graveyard. Overhead, viewers can hear one last voiceover from the hero that says, “This might be the only thing I do that matters.”


If you want to watch the trailer for yourself, then you can stream it above. But, be warned - you might want a tissue or twelve.

Of course, Affleck’s solo Batman film doesn’t appear to fit the actual tone of Logan. The actor’s film is said to be a more action-driven standalone. And, as fans now know that Deathstroke will star in the gritty superhero flick, moviegoers expect to see Batman rise to the occasion rather than wallow in his miseries.

(Photo: Youtube / Gage Masterson)

You know, like how he does in this Logan-esque trailer.

The Batman solo feature isn't expected before 2018. Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017