Batwoman: New Season 3 Poster Released

Batwoman is officially back from its mid-season hiatus, and the hit The CW series has been delivering for fans on a lot of levels. As Ryan Wilder / Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) has come into her own as Gotham's protector, her cast of allies and antagonists has only continued to grow. A new poster from The CW showcases that cast in an epic way, with Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena), Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy), Alice (Rachel Skarsten), Ryan, Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang, Jada Jet (Robin Givens), and Marquis Jet (Nick Creegan).

(Photo: The CW)

One of the most surprising aspects of the season has been seeing characters become antagonists, between Mary transforming into the new incarnation of Poison Ivy, and Marquis being cemented as the new version of The Joker.

"It's crazy. It's wild, actually," Creegan explained in a recent interview. "Yeah, I've done a lot of processing the past few weeks, months, you know? It's still surreal to me. It's been a wild ride for me. You know, the reception of the new Joker, being the first person of color to play this role – the messages and the love I've been getting has just been overwhelming. It's been a fun ride."

"One of the most cool parts about this role is knowing that I eventually transitioned into the Joker, right?" Creegan continued. "So it was interesting because this one fan tweeted the other day, she said 'I rewatched all the episodes after Episode 7 and I could see Nick subtly injecting moments of the Joker into Marquis from the beginning,'" Creegan revealed. "There were certain little smirks and things that were going on and the wheels are turning. So, from the beginning, I was just having so much fun being charming and feeding off people's vulnerability, and you know, making people feel empathy on set. I didn't really have a hard time balancing the charm because there was always this undertone of madness and craziness. And, you know, each director that I worked with on each episode always reminded me like, 'Nick just remember to layer in that like little bit of insanity where it's like, this dude – Is this dude OK? Now he's fine, right?'"

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New episodes of Batwoman airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.