Batwoman: Alice and Kate Face Off in "A Mad Tea-Party" Preview

Throughout its run thus far, The CW's Batwoman has showcased a pretty interesting family conflict, as Kate Kane/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) goes toe-to-toe with her presumed-dead twin sister, Elizabeth Kane/Alice (Rachel Skarsten). That dynamic has evolved and complicated quite a lot over the past seven episodes, and it looks like things might be coming to a head. On Sunday, The CW released a trailer for "A Mad Tea-Party", the eighth episode of the show's freshman season.

The episode is expected to see Alice constructing her "most evil plan yet", which might have something to do with the tea party that she's been teasing for the past few weeks. While it's unclear what that will entail, how it factors into Alice's arc -- and her potential redemption -- is certainly interesting.

"I actually wasn’t sure what the reception to Alice would be, so it sort of surprises me that people are already rooting for her before I even got a chance to show the more wounded side of her," Skarsten said in a recent interview. "So, I think that they will totally continue to root for her, but not just because of that. Ever since Ruby and I did our initial test, we have a nice, natural chemistry with one another and get on quite well, so I feel like because of how we play those sister scenes, people want Alice’s redemption also for Kate, because Kate has skin in the game, too."

The episode will also be the series' last installment before the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover, a five-night event that is set to also include Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

"That was really important to me as we were breaking the crossover is that I want to really keep the tone of our show in Gotham and very grounded." showrunner Caroline Dries revealed earlier this year. "We are just starting out, and our characters it's not normal for them to interact with aliens and travel to different universes and stuff like that. So that is the first thing I brought up to the writers' the major writers' room as we were breaking the crossover, like, 'This is the thing that's important to me.'"

You can check out the synopsis for "A Mad Tea-Party" below!

"AND THE AWARD GOES TO – Kate (Ruby Rose) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) continue their sister/nemesis dance, while Alice and Mouse (guest star Sam Littlefield) construct their most evil plan yet.

Mary (Nicole Kang) invites Kate to a special event honoring Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis) and Jacob (Dougray Scott) makes a decision that leaves Kate perplexed.


Meagan Tandy and Camrus Johnson also star. Holly Dale directed the episode written by Nancy Kiu."

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW. "A Mad Tea-Party" will air on December 1st.