Ben Affleck Promises More Humor And Fun In Justice League

One of the biggest criticisms surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was that the film [...]


One of the biggest criticisms surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was that the film "wasn't fun." The studio and filmmakers look to have listened to all of the critic and fan complaints as they dive into production on Justice League as they sent a clear message inviting members of the press to the film's London set: Justice League will be fun.

First, the studio showed off production of J.K. Simmons' first day on set as Jim Gordon, which concluded with a witty and well-delivered line from Ezra Miller's Barry Allen for a bit of comedic relief. To end the day, though, a clip from the film's first act was shown off and an exchange between Barry and Bruce Wayne made even the toughest critics in attendance smile.

Batman himself, Ben Affleck, is ready for more fun film and he opened up about it while wearing his all new Batsuit standing beside the set of Gotham City Police Department's rooftop.

"There's definitely room for more humor," Affleck says. "DC movies are, I think, by their nature still a little bit more Gothic or more mythic rather than some comic book movies are, but [Batman v Superman] was a heavy, dark movie. It was really rooted in Dark Knight Returns, which is a heavy, dark book. This is not that. This is a step in evolution from that about bringing together all these characters, ones who had their origins and it's about multilateralism and it's about hope. It's about working together and the kind of conflicts that you have trying to work together with others. It's a world with all these other superheroes that exist."

Affleck went on to explain where Justice League's humor comes from, which was also made clear in the aforementioned scenes. "There's comedy that goes in that necessarily, trying to work with other people and people trying to accomplish goals together is the root of all great comedy in my view, so there's definitely hopefully some fun in it, but it's recognizably these characters and these stories," the actor and executive producer says before concluding, "It's not turning it upside down."

Perhaps more promising than Affleck's words was his genuine energy and enthusiasm while describing the changes coming to the DC Films. The actor's apparent disappointment in Batman v Superman went viral during the film's press tour but it's clear that he believes in Justice League and has not, at all, been discouraged by the negativity surrounding his re-entry to comic book movies.

Justice League is set for release November 17, 2017.

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