Blue Beetle: What We Do In Shadows Star Harvey Guillen Discussing Role in DC Comics Movie

What We Do In Shadows star Harvey Guillen is currently in talks for a role in the upcoming Blue Beetle. Deadline reports that the actor is discussing his part. For now, the role is secretive, and would be for a while as the theatrical release is scheduled to hit the theaters in August of 2023. Angel Manuel Soto is directing the first appearance of Jaime Reyes on the big screen. The titular character will be played by Xolo Maridueña. Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer penned the screenplay for the movie. John Rickard is producing Blue Beetle. Originally, this film was slated for an HBO Max release, but Warner Bros. reversed course on that decision not too long ago. The massive performance of The Batman in theaters is likely to be the final nail in the coffin of big blockbuster debut on streaming instead of traditional means. It will be curious to see how Jaime Reyes is received. With Batgirl on the horizon, it seems clear that DC is paving the way for more young heroes to join the heavy hitters on the big screen.

During an interview about Cobra Kai and his upcoming turn as the teenage superhero, Maridueña says that this is going to be a massive moment for representation. 

"I don't know how much I can speak on, but what I can speak on is the fact that the thing that is really going to shine in this movie is that the Latino experience is not a monolith," the actor said. "It's not a one-size-fits-all story. Whether you speak zero Spanish or are fluent, you're not more Latino than someone else. The reality is that you can come from whatever background and at the end of the day you're all gonna come together for this mission or whatever it is. The familial togetherness is what makes us Latino and the fact that we're gonna ride for each other, that's what makes us Latino, not this language. Don't get me wrong, there's gonna be Spanish in the movie. We're gonna speak Spanish; it's gonna be how it feels at home, but Spanish isn't the only reason for that."

The Blue Beetle star also talked about how the Karate Kid sequel series has also prepared him for this action role specifically. It's clear when talking to anyone in that case, the experience of Cobra Kai has been absolutely special.

This is really gonna be a stepping stone in my life," Maridueña shared. "I've gotten the chance to build chemistry with these people over the years on Cobra Kai. To try to recreate that chemistry in a much shorter amount of time is gonna be difficult, but all of these guys are professionals. I know that I'm in the hands of people who are the best at what they do. The opportunity at Cobra Kai has really blessed me; I can do stunts, we can do crazy stuff. Adding this new level of green screen and suits and CGI and all of this will add a whole new crazy level to it that I'm so excited for."

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