Comics Legend Marv Wolfman Has High Hopes For 'Titans' TV Show

Decades after Marv Wolfman and George Perez revitalized DC's Teen Titans franchise with The New Teen Titans, the upcoming Titans TV series seems to be mining their run on the book for content. So what does the writer, who has worked in TV as well as comics, think about the series?

He is pretty excited, actually -- especially since he loved executive producer Geoff Johns's run on the Teen Titans comics.

"My first reaction was 'Way cool,'" Wolfman told Newsarama. "Next was just keeping my fingers crossed that the characters, even with changes, would reflect the same attitudes and beliefs that we gave them. But then with Geoff Johns on it we knew it would be excellent. His run of Titans was excellent."

Wolfman also weighed in on one of the big controversies that tends to plague any fledgling comic book projects: fans who are worried about the look of the characters based on early casting notes.

"I don't care if they look the exact same as they do in the comics," Wolfman said. "After all I don't think too many six foot seven inch girls with natural gold skin and solid green eyes showed up at the casting call. What I care about is their character and personality, and that even with all the problems they face that they pull together and do what's right. The Titans to me are, when push comes to shove, optimists."


Titans is coming to a planned DC Entertainment app in 2018. Pre-production is already underway.