DC Creates a Shocking New Team in Dark Nights: Death Metal Finale

Dark Nights: Death Metal came to an epic conclusion this week, putting a cap on one of the weirdest and most expansive events in the DC Comics mythos. In addition to introducing rock and roll-themed revamps of many DC characters, the event has made headlines for its wide-ranging impact on the overall universe. There were quite a lot of unique alliances between characters across the whole event -- and it seems like that was true even to the final pages. At the tail end of Death Metal, DC established an eclectic team of characters -- all of whom are there for a very specific purpose. Spoilers for Dark Nights: Death Metal #7, from Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, FCO Plascencia, Yanick Paquette, Bryan Hitch, Nathan Fairbairn, Alex Sinclair, and Tom Napolitano below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue chronicles the time-bending fight between Wonder Woman and The Batman Who Laughs, juxtaposed against DC's various heroes and villains fighting The Robin King and other evil alternate versions of characters. Throughout the conflict, The Batman Who Laughs swears that the only way the multiverse can be restored is if Diana joins his side, but she refuses to give into him, assuring that The Hands will just destroy the multiverse anyway. She proceeds to sacrifice herself and The Batman Who Laughs into a supernova -- and comes out on the other side in a new ascended plane, where she learns that the multiverse has been rebuilt.

As the other DC heroes decided to celebrate their victory, Barry Allen took Wally West aside and showed him something new. He brought him to a new structure on the dark side of the moon called The Totality, a fortress that he said was created by DC heroes and villains in order to serve as a base of operations in the new multiverse. Barry then introduced Wally to the group that had already formed at The Totality -- Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, Mr. Terrific, Vandal Savage, Talia al Ghul, and Lex Luthor.

dark nights death metal 7 the totality
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

The group went on to tell Wally about their findings tied to the new multiverse -- particularly, that it was no longer a single multiverse at all, but a collection of them existing in an omniverse. They also revealed that Prime-Earth was no longer at the center of their multiverse -- two new Earths were, including one dubbed "The Elseworld".


While it's unclear what the long-term future holds for this team (although it's safe to say that a fun ensemble book could be made following their adventures in the new Infinite Frontier publishing initiative), the idea that they are essentially serving as the overseers of the new multiverse is definitely exciting. To an extent, it feels like DC's equivalent of Marvel's Illuminati - a disparate group of characters who split off to secretly handle any incoming threats.

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