DC Reveals Aquamen Logo for New Aquaman Project

DC has big plans for its Aquamanfranchise in 2022. Aside from the premiere of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom feature film, a new Aquaman comic book is in the works. An editor for DC Comics shared a logo for a project titled "Aquamen," which alludes to a possible team-up series or event starring current Aquaman Arthur Curry and Aqualad/Jackson Hyde, who is destined to take on the role of Aquaman at some point in the future to coincide with the Future State timeline. While details remain scarce, we do know the project involves writers Brandon Thomas and Chuck Brown, who are currently working on various Aquaman comics at DC.

"Just had an absolutely INVIGORATING call in which @bwrites247 laid out some KILLER long term conflict and @Cbrown803 introduced a new character motivation that came with such massive potential I was literally dancing in my chair at the thought," DC associate editor Andrea Shea wrote on Twitter. "2022 is gonna be the BEST."

The logo features the word "Aquamen" in gold font on a green/blue background, with the hero's symbol from his belt surrounding the word. While DC is not currently publishing an Aquaman ongoing solo series, there are plenty of stories being told with characters from that world. For example, Arthur Curry is a part of writer Brian Michael Bendis' Justice League series, as the writer is joined by a host of artists such as Dave Marquez, Phil Hester, and Scott Godlewski. Arthur is also a part of the recently released Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target from writer Brandon Thomas and artist Ronan Cliquet that celebrates the 80th anniversaries of both DC heroes.

The current Aqualad is also headlining Aquaman: The Becoming from Thomas and artists Diego Olortegui, Wade von Grawbadger, Scott Koblish, Skylar Patridge and Adriano Lucas. It's a six-issue miniseries that teases Jackson's graduation from Aqualad to Aquaman, which could coincide with an official announcement for Aquamen by its conclusion. Writer Chuck Brown and artist Valentine De Landro are also collaborating on a miniseries starring the Aquaman villain Black Manta, who is also Aqualad's father. ComicBook.com spoke to Brown about Black Manta and his relationship to Jackson Hyde. 

"In the first issue, it's actually an open letter to Jackson Hyde, which is why he's questioning his whole life. He wants to be in his son's life more because you realize that he's dying. So he wants to make amends with his son," Brown said. "It won't be a direct correlation. He won't actually appear in the books, but it is a letter to his son in the opening of Issue one. And Aquaman and that relationship will also pop up as well as a theme in the book as well."

Could Aquamen possibly see Aquaman, Aqualad and Black Manta all working together on the same side? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!