Batman: Hush Director Wants to Direct Live-Action No Man's Land With Robert Pattinson

After taking an animated version of Batman through the beloved Hush storyline, director Justin [...]

After taking an animated version of Batman through the beloved Hush storyline, director Justin Copeland is hoping to move on to the live-action version of Gotham City's Dark Knight. In fact, the filmmaker already has a storyline he wants to turn into a movie, and he's got the perfect actor for the part.

During an interview about Batman: Hush on Popcorn Talk Network's DC Movie News, Copeland was asked about other storylines he'd like to tackle in the future. It didn't take long for him to answer, saying that he'd undoubtedly like a crack at No Man's Land, which puts Batman in a version of Gotham City cut off from the rest of the country, left by the government to fend for itself. The final season of Gotham dealt with that same story earlier this year, but it seems like Copeland has bigger plans for the big screen.

"It would definitely be No Man's Land," said Copeland. "If I had carte blanche, like, you can do whatever you want, I wanna tell the No Man's Land story from the angle of Cassandra Cain. I would love it, that would be a dream. Heck yeah. If I got a live action and they say you can point your finger…"

Of course, if Copeland ever did get the chance to make his live-action No Man's Land movie, he knows which Batman star he wants in the cowl.

"I like Robert Pattinson," he added. "Sorry, I'm a filmmaker. And as a film director, I see that dude as a very -- as an incredible actor. You wanna be able to get on set and not have to worry about your right flank. When you can get a superstar actor like that, which I think he is, you are lucky. I would use him."

Pattinson is reportedly signed on for a total of three films as Bruce Wayne, all three likely directed by Matt Reeves. However, if there is room for more story after Reeves is finished, and Pattinson wants to don the cowl again, Copeland's take on No Man's Land might be the perfect fit.

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Pattinson will first appear as Bruce Wayne in The Batman, which hits theaters on June 25, 2021.