DC Films Plans Reportedly Included a Crisis on Infinite Earths Movie Event Before Warner Bros. Merger

The live-action DC Films world has gone through some surprising evolutions over the years, with new creators and characters being brought into the ever-growing franchise. In recent weeks, the topic of the franchise's long-term future has been on a lot of fans' minds, especially amid the recent surprise cancellation of the already-completed Batgirl movie. While we'll have to wait a while to see what Warner Bros. Discovery's proposed "ten-year plan" for the DC universe entails, a new report from The Hollywood Reporter might shed light on almost was. In their reporting about the current state of DC Films — and DC Films president Walter Hamada almost quitting after Batgirl's shelving, but reportedly staying on at least through the release of Black Adam in October — they reveal that Hamada's plans "were said to have included a Crisis on Infinite Earths event."

The report does not specify if this includes The CW's television take on Crisis, which was brought to life under Hamada's overall tenure and did include a surprise cameo from the big-screen incarnation of The Flash, Ezra Miller. Therefore, fans have been left wondering if this means Hamada was planning to bring a separate version of Crisis into live-action — one that could have hypothetically dealt with the burgeoning multiverse element in its films, as well as fixed or reset various components of continuity.

The idea of a Crisis movie has been on fans' minds ever since it was confirmed that Michael Keaton's alternate-universe version of Batman would be appearing in The Flash movie, and after DC publisher Jim Lee created new art for the 2021 DC FanDome convention that paid homage to the original Crisis comic.

"I can't tell you a lot about the future of this, the future of the Multiverse in DC, but I can tell you I'm very excited about it as a filmmaker cracking this acorn and opening the window to new adventures in the Multiverse is super exciting," The Flash director Andy Muschietti explained during DC FanDome China last year. "The Multiverse has been a thing in the comic book world for decades, and decades, and decades, and I think it's a good time to take it into [the movies]. It's also very special that our Multiverse is not just a Multiverse of characters, it's a Multiverse of films. It's a cinematic Multiverse as you might already know by looking at the names that are showing up like Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman, it's very exciting and one of the reasons that I got closer and closer to this project."

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