DC Universe Makes Major Changes to Young Justice: Outsiders Release Schedule

The new season of Young Justice is set to continue later this month, bringing back the Team and [...]

The new season of Young Justice is set to continue later this month, bringing back the Team and the Outsiders as they attempt to dismantle Apokolips' metahuman-trafficking ring and stop their machinations with the secretive super villain group The Light. But when the series returns to the DC Universe, there will be some major changes with its release schedule.

The series' first 13 episodes were released in chunks on the streaming service, with three new episodes debuting every Friday for three weeks, and then on the fourth week they dropped four episodes including the mid-season finale.

But DC Universe just unveiled the new schedule, and while the mid-season will kick off with another three episodes debuting in its new Tuesday slot on July 2nd, it will then release one episode a week for the next seven weeks. Then the final three episodes will air on Tuesday, August 27th, bringing Young Justice: Outsiders to a close.

DC Universe obviously wants to stretch their cult-favorite animated series over a longer period of time, running nine weeks of new episodes instead of dropping them on everyone in four weeks.

Young Justice: Outsiders executive producer Greg Weisman revealed in April that every episode was in the can, so the long 3-month wait began before fans could finally see how it all came together.

The new season has shown Nightwing operate outside of the Justice League and its special ops unit, instead forming his own secret team in hopes of dismantling the Light's machinations. He ended up caring for a group of fledgling metahumans including Geo-Force, Halo, Forager, and Cyborg, while convincing his old teammate Artemis to come back into the fold.

The mid-season finale showed the group rescue Geo-Force's sister Terra, unaware that she's a traitor and secretly working for Deathstroke. This storyline is an homage to the classic Teen Titans storyline "The Judas Contract."

This will likely playoff as we approach an explosive finale, which could see a collision of the Team, the Justice League, and the New Gods as Darkseid's deal with Vandal Savage comes to a head. We'll find out if the heroes have what it takes to stop all of these evil forces as we approach the end of the fan-favorite series.

Young Justice: Outsiders returns to DC Universe this Tuesday, July 2nd.