'Doom Patrol' Recap With Spoilers: Jane Retreats to The Underground in "Jane Patrol"

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This season on Doom Patrol, the personal histories of each of the reluctant heroes has slowly unfolded in flashbacks and other revelations. For Jane, though, that slow origin story reveal is complicated by the fact that she has multiple personalities living inside of her mind. This week, we finally get to go a bit deeper into Jane's story as well as meet even more of her 64 personalities after last week's episode left the body of Jane without anyone in charge. And how do you meet so many different facets of Jane? Well, you head to The Underground inside her mind. Read on for our full-spoiler recap of "Jane Patrol" below.

Arkansas 1957. Young Kay is working on a puzzle when her father comes into her room and demands a kiss, but it's clear that the kiss is code for far worse. The Underground, current day. Karen is being dragged off by the Hammerhead where she is met by many other personalities -- each one looking the way they actually see themselves. Jane is also there, though she's clearly hiding from the surface. The other personalities try to make her go back up. Jane's hiding is creating issues in The Underground. Jane agrees to go up. On the way up, she talks with the train conductor personality Driver 8 and ultimately pulls the "emergency brake" to buy herself some time.

Back at Doom Manor, Jane is unconscious while the team tries to get her to come back to no avail. Cliff feels horrible and deeply responsible. Vic suggests shrinking to tiny size to get in her head would be optimal and suddenly, the Negative Spirit pops out of Larry. They can't shrink Cliff to tiny size, but the Negative Spirit does connect Cliff's mind to Jane's, metaphorically shrinking Cliff who then appears in the tunnels of Jane's mind -- The Underground -- as himself, no robot. He soon encounters the stopped train and Driver 8, whom he asks for help. Elsewhere, somewhere in The Underground, Jane by a lake playing with flowers when Penny Farthing shows up. Turns out the place is a memory belonging to one of the personalities and its Penny's favorite place.

Hammerhead comes to meet Cliff at the station along with Driller Bill. They are not happy to see him. Driver 8? Not really helping Cliff it seems. Jane goes to see The Sisters, a three-in-one personality who tells her to go to the Well while Hammerhead throws Cliff in a jail cell. Jack Straw and Karen are both also in cells. Karen says that everyone there is just afraid to be normal, something she clearly adores.

With a little surprise help from Jack Straw, Cliff starts cutting a hole in the wall of his cell. He sees what he thinks is Jane. Penny explains it's actually a memory and she then helps him break through the wall. That Well is a bad idea and Penny wants to help Cliff help Jane. They navigate memories, going deeper into darker memories back to elementary school. It's Kay Challis, but Miranda is the primary personality. They have to pass through Miranda's station -- Penny tells him to cover his eyes because it's bad. Miranda threw herself in the Well, destroying herself and leaving only some unseen horror behind.

Cliff catches up with Jane just ahead of the well, but nothing he says gets through to her. Jane continues forward, towards the haunting sounds of her father. As she approaches, Black Annis tells her goodbye and allows her to pass and she ends up in Kay's room and witnesses her father come for her -- except it's Jane he takes with Kay telling her "bye bye". Cliff has followed behind Jane and himself encounters Black Annis who attacks him. Men can't pass. Cliff strips himself down to the metal, admitting he used to be a man but isn't anymore. He's different now. Black Annis lets Cliff -- as Robotman -- pass. He finds Jane at the edge of the Well, grabbing her back as the evil Daddy arrives to take her. Instead, he attacks Cliff, prompting Jane to lash out at Daddy. As she tells him she's not afraid, Daddy breaks into puzzle pieces and falls back into the Well defeated.

Jane returns to the surface and wakes up. Cliff tells the others it's not his story to tell, but Jane is back, and he thinks she's better. However, when Jane goes to her room and lies down, she hears Daddy whisper "sweet, sweet baby" again.



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