'The Flash' Movie Filming Start Date and Location Reportedly Revealed

Ever since Justice League released to disappointing box office numbers and lackluster fan reaction, fans have been wondering about the future of DC Comics movies. Before the movie premiered, Warner Bros. created a ton of buzz by announcing an ambitious film slate which included Flashpoint.

And while the Flash solo movie, among other projects, seemed to be in a state of uncertainty, Warner Bros. secured Game Night directors (and Spider-Man: Homecoming writers) John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to helm the first Flash solo movie. And now we know it might start filming very soon.

According to an update from Production Weekly, DC Films is set to start rolling on the Flash movie in February of 2019.

It seems like both the Flash solo movie and Birds of Prey will begin filming around the same time in Atlanta, which has become a very popular location for superhero movies from Marvel Studios.

This would line up with the hint provided by Daley when asked by a fan when they should expect his new movie. The director responded ominously and wrote, "If all goes well, sometime in 2020."

The Flash movie has been through a ton of changes ever since it was first revealed, to being renamed Flashpoint after the infamous Andy Kubert and Geoff Johns comic, to director Rick Famuyiwa leaving the project.

There were recent rumors that the film would be adopting a Back to the Future-esque vibe, which would make sense since Warner Bros. actively courted director Robert Zemeckis to helm the film.

But now that the Game Night directors have been secured, it seems like progress has steadily moved forward. Even star Ezra Miller seems to be excited about the project, and he has recently met with the directors to speak about the tone of the movie.

"I met them recently," Miller said at Wizard World Philadelphia. "They're really, really, really cool guys. I really like their work a lot, and I think they're really great."

After months of radio silence, we really hope that work is starting to pick up on a Flash movie. He's a breath of fresh air in the DC Universe and could be a major boost to Warner Bros. after their series of missteps to kickstart their superhero franchise.

The Flash movie is rumored to have a 2020 release date, though Warner Bros. has yet to confirm those plans.