Gal Gadot Shows Her Love For Batman On Twitter

It’s seems like Gal Gadot woke up loving Batman this morning. The Israeli actress posted a [...]

WonderWoman GalGadot
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

It's seems like Gal Gadot woke up loving Batman this morning. The Israeli actress posted a picture to her Twitter which fans are saying they can definitely relate to. Having just woke up, the photo shows Gadot yawning as she nestles in her bed and sports a comfy Batman t-shirt.

Posted earlier today, Gadot's picture has been shared over 1,400 times, and fans have flooded the actress' feed with some admittedly hilarious memes. And, what's more, the post has also led 'Wonder Bat' shippers to rally behind the actress' appropriate pajama selection.

Of course, Gadot's get-up doesn't necessarily indicate that there's any top secret relationship brewing between Wonder Woman and Batman. It does, however, show fans the talented actress is just as much of a fan as they are. After all, when you Gadot's role in the DCEU, it would be a bit off-putting to know the actress wasn't at least a fan of Gotham's Bat.

After all, the two characters do have some great chemistry on-screen. Fans first saw Gadot portray Diana Prince/Wonder Woman earlier this year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While the film was slammed by critics, the flick was well-received by many fans who all fawned over Gadot's work. The film set up the camaraderie which Batman and Wonder Woman share in DC Comics. Whether they're teaming up against Lex Luthor or assembling The Justice League, the two characters share a long history in terms of team-ups. And, now, the pair's partnership is extending well beyond the reaches of the silver screen.

So, of course, fans are now wondering when they'll get a photo of Ben Affleck posing in a Wonder Woman tee.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Gadot's work, you've been missing out. Born in Israel, Gadot first entered the military before she began acting. She was originally studying law when a casting director called her in to audition for of Camille Montes, a Bond girl from Quantum of Solace. While she lost the part to Olga Kurylenko, Godot was tapped by that same director to play Gisele in Fast & Furious. But the actress big break came when she was cast as Wonder Woman and will go on to play the iconic heroine in a solo Wonder Woman film and Justice League feature.