Amazing Gotham Video Shows Cameron Monaghan's Transformation Into Joker

Earlier this year, Gotham ended its five-season, 100-episode run with the reveal of the show's take on the legendary Batman. However, David Mazouz's Dark Knight didn't appear on-screen until the very last scene of the series finale, so it was his arch-nemesis that stole the spotlight for most of the episode and in the weeks leading up to it. Cameron Monaghan played three distinctly different Joker characters throughout his tenure on Gotham, though his version in the series finale was certainly the most fully-realized. It was also the one that required the most makeup and prosthetics.

With a scarred face and tattered look, Monaghan's final Joker character was a horrifying site to see, which was most definitely the point of this evolution. He was a truly terrifying villain. As you can imagine, this look took quite a long time for the makeup, costume, and visual effects teams to pull off.

Over the weekend, makeup and FX artist Ben Bornstein shared a time lapse video of Monaghan's transformation into the final version of the Joker character, showing just how much went into the look.

Ahead of Monaghan's very last Joker evolution, he spoke with and reflected on his time playing each of the first two versions of the character, Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska.

"I've enjoyed them both for different reasons," Monaghan said. "It was cool with Jerome how it was so heightened and kind of cartoony and insane and I could go in any direction with it because he was just this weird ball of destructive energy. It's nice with Jeremiah to find some glimpses of humanity within him and to bring him back and to make him colder and more chilling in his [methods]. I'm also doing something a little different with this season as we're continuing to develop the character than where he was at last. He was very systematic and completely irrational last season. Now he's starting to, because he's starting to lose his sanity and he's slipping away without even realizing that he is. He has too much of an ego to realize that he's slipping. I get to play around more and move around more within the character and I'm having a bunch of fun with this part, too, and also where it's going is extremely exciting and I can't wait to hit a couple of these story weeks that are coming up."


All five seasons of Gotham are currently streaming on Netflix.