'Gotham City Sirens' Gets A Cool Fan-Made Trailer

FAN-MADE: Gotham City Sirens from DC_Cinematic

Warner Bros. has been tight-lipped about Gotham City Sirens, but this new fan trailer gives fans a glimpse of what could be.

The new trailer was created by Lios-rdt, and features Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn via footage from Suicide Squad. She's joined by Thandie Newton as Catwoman (alongside footage from Batman Returns) and Madelaine Petsch as Poison Ivy. Spliced in is footage from the Arkham Games, and along with a great song choice, the trailer provides a compelling case for the project.

You can watch the video above.

Gotham City Sirens was revealed during a slew of new movie announcements earlier this year, alongside projects like Nightwing, Deathstroke, Batgirl, and more. The film is being helmed by Suicide Squad's David Ayer and will feature the return of Robbie in the popular Quinn role. While Madelaine Petsch and Thandie Newton are inspired choices for Ivy and Catwoman respectively, no casting decisions have been made for those roles as of now.

The film is also rumored to feature other Bat-characters, like the Birds of Prey and Batgirl, but it isn/t clear if that pertains to Gotham City Sirens or Robbie's other Harley Quinn project. Either way, Robbie has said previously she wants a film that features Harley around other female characters from the DCU.

"I want to see her with other women," Robbie told MTV. "I kept saying when we were shooting Suicide Squad, I was like 'She needs her girlfriends.' She needs other girls around her, because she loves that. You see that in the comics, she loves meeting people, any people. But she needs a little girl gang."

Neither Gotham City Sirens or the solo Harley Quinn film have release dates yet, and have only been confirmed as "in development". Regardless of which project hits first, it is a priority to get Harley back on screen.

"There's a lot going on right now," Robbie explained. "And I'm not sure...Honestly, I don't think anyone knows what's the next thing that's going to happen. But I think everyone's keen to get Harley back on screen, so everyone's working on lots of different versions of what that could be."