'Gotham': The Sirens Unite in Season 4 Behind the Scenes Clip

Selina and Tabitha have had an interesting relationship throughout the past couple seasons of Gotham, especially when Barbara is thrown into the mix. In this new behind-the-scenes featurette, the creative minds behind the show take a deeper dive into this strange friendship.

The video, which you can watch above, is one of many clips and featurettes available when you purchase the digital Season Pass for the fourth season of Gotham. The entire Season Pass is available online now, and it includes every episode of Season 4 that has aired so far, bonus features like the one seen here, and access to the final three episodes of the season as soon as they are made available.

In this particular clip, we get to see how the relationship between Tabitha and Selina, two of the three Sirens, has evolved over the years.

"Tabitha sees a bit of herself in Selina and would probably like to have some do-overs in her life," explains Gotham co-executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt at the beginning of the video. "Maybe if she can teach this young girl a thing or two, she can avoid the same mistakes she made. Last year, the whip being handed off to Selina was a key nod to the Catwoman mythos."

After Wynbrandt explains this connection to the comics, executive producer John Stephens dives a little deeper into how these two characters differ from one another on certain levels.

"Tabitha will also teach her the value of going out into the world, at certain times, in a mask," Stephens says. "But she'll also learn lines that she won't cross, where Tabitha has no problem killing people. For Selina, finding that place where she's not going to go as far as her mentor is going will be an important part of her maturation."

While Tabitha may not be the best mentor in the world, it seems as though she will have a lot to do with Selina becoming the iconic Catwoman that we all know and love from the comics.


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New episodes of Gotham air on Thursday nights at 8pm ET on FOX. The series has three episodes left in Season 4, including the "cataclysmic" finale later this month.