'Gotham's Francesca Root-Dodson Shares Her Shocking Reaction to Jeremiah's Final Joker Evolution

Cameron Monaghan has already played two very different versions of the Joker during his time on Gotham, but he's got one more mysterious role up his sleeve before all is said and done. Jeremiah will rise again before the series comes to a close, taking on many of the Joker-eque traits that the previous iteration of the character didn't touch on, and it sounds as though this final Jeremiah will be absolutely terrifying.

Francesca Root-Dodson portrays Ecco on Gotham, the Harley Quinn to Jeremiah's Joker, and she recently spoke to ComicBook.com about the final few episodes of the series. While Jeremiah's final form has yet to be revealed to the public, the actress said that it was such a drastic change that she could no longer recognize her scene partner when he first returned to set.

"Well, I gotta tell you what my actual reaction was," Root-Dodson told us. "This thing passed behind me in the makeup trailer and was like, 'Hey, what's up.' And I was like, "What the f*** is that?!' And I didn't even know who it was. And it really scared the s*** out of me."

Almost every scene that Root-Dodson has been involved in since coming to Gotham last season has been with Monaghan, so it says a lot that even she couldn't tell who he was when donning his new look.

This isn't the first time that someone from Gotham has teased a monstrous transformation for Jeremiah when he finally awakens from his coma. During a recent interview, showrunner John Stephens said that this last iteration of Jeremiah would capture the horrific elements of the Joker that Jerome and the first Jeremiah didn't.

"We all know the character that some people think he is, some people say he's not--that he's supposed to be a precursor to at the very least," Stephens explained. "So, when you look at the Joker, and you break down elements of his personality, and you cleave off certain character traits. Some of those character traits we gave to Jerome. Some of those character traits we gave to Jeremiah.

"But, there were still some leftover character traits that we said, we haven't used these elements yet. Specifically to me, horror or terror. I feel like there are elements of the Joker, some iterations of him, which he's not just a clown prince of crime, but he's actually a nightmare. And I feel like... some of those remain to be explored."

New episodes of Gotham air on Thursday nights at 8 pm ET on FOX.



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