Gotham Knights "Scene of the Crime" Preview Released

Gotham Knights debuted on The CW Tuesday night, introducing viewers to Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan), the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, and the predicament he finds himself in: Turner, along with Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan), Cullen (Tyler DiChiara), and Harper (Fallon Smythe) have all been framed for the crime and are now fugitives from justice. Their only hope is to find out who is really behind the crime, but that might be more complicated than it seems as it appears the Court of Owls is somehow involved. Now, in a new preview release for next week's episode "Scene of the Crime", the group tries to start piecing things together by getting Bruce Wayne's journals. You can check out the preview below and read on for the synopsis.

THE SEARCH FOR ANSWERS – In an attempt to clear their names, Turner (Oscar Morgan), Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan), Cullen (Tyler DiChiara), Harper (Fallon Smythe) and Carrie (Navia Robinson) head back to the scene of the crime in search of Bruce Wayne's journals.  Meanwhile, as Harvey (Misha Collins) digs into the investigation, he begins to wonder if Turner is innocent after all.  Lastly, Stephanie (Anna Lore) is brought in for questioning after the GCPD suspect she may be helping Turner.  Rahart Adams also stars.  Jeff Hunt directed the episode written by James Stoteraux & Chad Fiveash.

Gotham Knights will feature the "tragic version" of Harvey Dent/Two-Face's origin story.

In Gotham Knights, Dent is played by Supernatural alum Misha Collins and while the series will start with Harvey Dent, it will eventually see the lawman take a villain turn. According to Collins, it's a journey that will get into the "tragic version" of his story.

"It's a pinch me moment for an actor because you get to take this character who was like a champion of the underdog and he's fighting for justice in the city of Gotham to slowly unraveling he has identity dysmorphia," Collins told Today. "We get into his traumatic childhood and all of the ill events to him actually having this psychic break that causes him to become Two Face. So, that's actually like the tragic version of the story. It's pretty great."

Gotham Knights airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. "Scene of the Crime" debuts on Tuesday, March 21st after a new episode of Superman & Lois.