'Gotham' Producer Teases More of Bruce & Selina's Relationship in Season 5

Finally, after four long years of a back-and-forth, will-they-won't-they relationship, Gotham [...]

Finally, after four long years of a back-and-forth, will-they-won't-they relationship, Gotham finally brought Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle together at the conclusion of last season. As the show moves into its fifth and final season next year, it looks like we'll get more of that Batman/Catwoman love story that we've been hoping for.

Tze Chun, writer and producer on Gotham, gave fans a little tease on Twitter this week, hinting that he and the rest of the writers room are preparing to give Bruce and Selina another big step forward.

"Who wants more #batcat in Gotham season 5?" Chun asked his followers on Twitter.

Given the fact that this is the final season of the Batman prequel series, and the producers have confirmed that the characters will grow into their comic book roles by the time the show is over, it would've been a safe bet to assume that Bruce and Selina's relationship would continue to evolve. After all, the two characters are about to get married in the pages of DC Comics.

However, a slight wrench was seemingly thrown into those plans at the end of Season 4. Selina was shot in the abdomen, Killing Joke style, by Jeremiah Valeska in the penultimate episode. When the bridges in and out of Gotham were being destroyed, Selina was taken on the last ambulance leaving the city, accompanied by Alfred Pennyworth. This puts her far from Bruce at the beginning of Season 5.

There's also the injury to consider. The doctor told Bruce that Selina may never walk again, hinting at a parallel to the story of Barbara Gordon in the comics. While we know that she will regain the use of her legs and eventually become Catwoman, this injury could act as a setback when it comes to her story with Bruce.

Judging by Chun's tweet however, it doesn't seem like much is going to get in the way of their relationship as the show concludes.

Are you glad to know there is more to come in the Bruce/Selina saga? Do you think they will be together when the show ends? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

Gotham Season 5 is set to air on FOX sometime in early 2019.