'Gotham' Star Promises Epic Bruce/Jeremiah Showdown in Season 5

Gotham is preparing to take another massive step toward an eventual Batman/Joker rivalry this [...]

Gotham is preparing to take another massive step toward an eventual Batman/Joker rivalry this season, as Bruce Wayne and Jeremiah Valeska are set for a prime time showdown before the series comes to a close.

During San Diego Comic-Con last week, Gotham star David Mazouz, who has played young Bruce Wayne for five years now, stopped by the ComicBook.com suite to chat about what's to come in the Batman prequel's final installment. In the interview, Mazouz noted that he's read the first four scripts of Season 5, and he's aware of most of the major events that will occur over the final episodes.

When we asked what was next for Bruce and Jeremiah (Cameron Monaghan), Mazouz could only smile as he admitted that an all-out brawl was on the way.

"It's been good," the actor said of his work with Monaghan heading into this season. "You will definitely see a Bruce/Jeremiah showdown this year."

We asked if it the fight would top the carnival battle in Season 3, which remains one of the pinnacle episodes of their relationship. Doing his best to avoid any spoilers, Mazouz simply said, "You'll have to wait and see."

Not only did Jeremiah blow up the bridges to Gotham City, turning the place into No Man's Land, but the villain also shot Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), just after she and Bruce finally seemed to be open about their feelings for one another. This put the young woman in a hospital bed with a serious spinal issue.

According to Mazouz, Jeremiah's Killing Joke-inspired twist will really cause some problems in Bruce and Selina's relationship going forward.

"When we first see them again, it's gonna be a rocky road because obviously Selina is going to be pretty pissed at Bruce," Mazouz said. "Ultimately it was Jeremiah who wanted to get to Bruce and that's why he shot Selina and that's what put her in this state. Eventually they're going to be back on the same side, but Selina is gonna be a different person. The way that she fights her way out of a hospital bed forces her to sacrifice some parts of herself and she's going to be more Catwoman-y, but less somebody that Bruce can be friends with."

You can watch the full interview with David Mazouz in the video above.

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While no official release date has been announced, Gotham is expected to return for its final season in early 2019 on FOX.