'Gotham' Recasts Tommy Elliot Ahead of Season 4 Debut

Tommy Elliot is returning to Gotham later this season, but he's not going to look quite like you remember.

On Fox's press site, a synopsis for the seventh episode of the current season was published, and it lists out the guest actors appearing in the episode. A fairly unknown actor by the name of Gordon Winarick is billed as the actor portraying Elliot (who grows up to be the villain Hush) in the November 2nd episode.

Last week, Gotham writer/executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt spoke with ComicBook.com and revealed that Elliot would, in fact, be returning this season. The character hasn't had a role on Gotham since the very first season, when he was played by an actor by the name of Cole Vallis.

While Wynbrandt guaranteed Elliot's return, he didn't mention when he would make his way back to Gotham. All he said was that it would be later in the season. We now know the first appearance will take place in November.

When it comes to Elliot's future on the show, Wynbrandt didn't reveal too much. However, he did say that Hush has been discussed amongst the creative team.


"Obviously when Tommy Elliot is discussed, there always is that Hush story line," Wynbrandt said. "That is something that we've discussed. Right now, we're kind of still feeling that out. It could be something on the horizon, but I can't say for sure."

Gotham airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.