Henry Cavill Wants to Play Classic Comic Superman, Face-Off Against Brainiac

Henry Cavill may be on the press tour for his current film Mission: Impossible - Fallout, but his role as Superman in the DCEU is still a major topic of conversation, including what version of the iconic character he'd like to play and what villain he wants to face.

In a conversation with Fandom, Cavill was asked what villain he'd like to face off with as the Man of Steel and he wasted no time picking a fan-favorite: Brainiac.

"I think a great villain would be Brainiac. I think that would be a good villain to play against," Cavill said. "Brainiac's a big threat. There's a lot of fun. There's a lot of storylines to him."

DC Comics villain certainly does have a lot of storylines which is, in part, what makes him so popular. Recently, Brainiac was featured in SYFY's Superman prequel series Krypton with the villain seeking to add Krypton to his twisted collection well before the birth of Superman. With the villain's small screen portrayal being well-received fans would be up him to appear on the big screen in the DCEU, too.

If the next Superman movie were to follow a classic comic book story, Brainiac could be a real possibility as the villain. It's something that Cavill may have hinted about when talking about the kind of Superman he'd like to play next. The actor explained that he's very interested in playing him as "the classic hero" as opposed to an evil Superman like Christopher Reeve played in Superman III.

"I would be very keen for the opportunity to play a classic comic Supes before playing evil," he said. "In the comic books, there's a lot of really, really good stories about being the classic hero — a real beacon of hope and a shining light for everyone to aspire towards — and it would be a lot of fun to play that version of Supes."

This isn't the first time Cavill has opened up about what he'd like to explore with Superman. He recently told Square Mile that he'd love to see 2004's Superman: For Tomorrow adapted should there be a sequel to Man of Steel. Cavill described the story, which sees Superman try to find out what happened to a million people mysteriously wiped out of existence while also dealing with his own grief and guilt, as "one of my favourite comic books. I would definitely tell a story like that."


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Mission: Impossible - Fallout hits theaters on July 27, 2018.