How Batman's Suit Was Changed In 'Justice League'

There were plenty of new heroes in Justice League, but that doesn't mean the current heroes didn't [...]

There were plenty of new heroes in Justice League, but that doesn't mean the current heroes didn't get some substantial upgrades.

That is certainly the case for Batman, but the costume tweaks didn't just include extra armor. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson noted how the costume changed from its previous incarnation in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a change made to honor the comics.

"We wanted to honor the idea of a gray Batsuit as opposed to a black Batsuit," Wilkinson told Fashionista. "Batman in the graphic novels is usually drawn with a gray suit with a black cape as opposed to all in black," said Wilkinson. "Also, Zack loved the idea that Batman's forearms would have this extra metallic plating strapped to it to collect hits and bullets and any kind of incoming." Wilkinson also noted that the suit has extra "thin plates of armor" underneath for definition.

Batman does get a tactical suit later in the film, which has more black in it than grey. This comes as a direct result of getting, well, a bit owned by the newly revived Superman, but also in preparation for the big battle with Steppenwolf. Batman is all about being one step ahead, and his tactical suit certainly qualifies.

"Batman faces a challenge of even higher intensity in this film, so we wanted to give him what we call a 'tactical suit' for high level battle for when things are becoming more serious and deadly," explained Wilkinson. "This suit is has exterior layers of armor and extra details and it has a different cowl. He has additional eye protection."

Batman's costume isn't the only thing to receive some tweaking, as his personality also gets some softening during the film. Granted, this is Batman, so he is a bit combative when he wants to make a point, including one memorable sequence that causes him to incur Wonder Woman's wrath. That extra armor probably would've come in hand then actually, so that was a fail on Batman's part.

You can see the team take on Steppenwolf in their new costumes in Justice League, which is in theaters now.