iZombie Recap With Spoilers: Murder, Intrigue, and Cher in "Killer Queen"

With just a matter of weeks until the show's series finale, iZombie is beginning to draw to a [...]

With just a matter of weeks until the show's series finale, iZombie is beginning to draw to a close as only they can. Here's what you need to know about all of the plot twists and major revelations in this week's episode, "Killer Queen".


Liv and Ravi narrowly escape Martin's zombie bunker with the remainder of the batch of Utopium. They try to figure out what to do next while investigating the murder of Mike, a drag queen who was choked with a strand of pearls. Liv eats Mike's brains, and they begin to interview the manager of the drag bar Mike partially owned.

They interview Gary, Mike's partner in the drag bar. He accuses a new zombie drag queen by the name of "Bitchcraft" as being a suspect in Mike's murder. Liv and Clive interview Bitchcraft at the drag bar, and Liv takes an evidence bag full of confetti after the performance. She discovers that Bitchcraft used glued-on rhinestones on his costumes, which were present at the crime scene of Mike's murder.

Liv and Clive accuse Bitchcraft of killing Mike, but he says someone was impersonating him that night. Liv gets triggered into a vision - of a Cher wig as Mike is getting murdered. They find surveillance photo of one drag queen dressed as Cher, who wasn't photographed leaving the bar.

Liv and Clive confront Gary, accusing him of stealing Bitchcraft's costume, killing Mike, and then faking an alibi. He admits to killing Mike, because he didn't want the gay bar to be turned into a parking lot.

Meanwhile, Cavanagh tells Liv about a case he's working on, with a zombie, Edward, who was killed by his wife shortly after taking the cure and turning back into a human. This news upsets Blaine, who sold Edward the Froelich brain and just realized that his wire transfer hasn't gone through. Ravi looks into the zombie cure that Edward took before his death, and asks Major to go in and investigate Edward's mistress.

Major does that, and she brings up the possibility of getting him the cure. He puts a tracking device on her, and discovers that she visited a place in South Seattle. Major and Ravi investigate, and briefly get engaged in a firefight once they do. Ravi finds a truck filled with Froelich brain kids, and transport them to safety. They hide them in Liv's coyote headquarters.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Liv arrives at the coyote headquarters, and sees Graham and Riley leading a smuggling operation out of Seattle. Liv doesn't get suspicious of anything. Martin and Lambert hold Steven, Graham's boyfriend, hostage, and Lambert suggests killing him to draw off their scent. Riley and the women they smuggled arrive at a brothel in Nevada, killing all of the women inside and taking their place. Liv does Steven's autopsy and recognizes Graham in one of the photos of him, and is forced to break the news to Graham. He then tells Liv the truth about Riley and the zombie extremists. Liv calls Martin and confronts him about it, and he admits that the brothel will be ground zero for the zombie virus infecting the rest of the country. Lambert attempts to shoot and kill Martin, and eventually succeeds.
  • Blaine gets upset that the Froelich brains have been stolen, and soon learns that Don-E has been selling brains to Fillmore-Graves. Don-E plans his wedding to Darcy, and accidentally sees her in her wedding dress. The wedding kicks off, but Don-E isn't able to find Darcy. Blaine breaks the news to Don-E that Darcy is dead.

iZombie airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.