'Guardians of the Galaxy' Writer and Director James Gunn Had the Opportunity to Direct a DC Movie

James Gunn has become a household name in the world of comic book movies, following his massive success as the writer and director of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. What you may not know however, is that Gunn was once in line to helm a film for rival company, DC.

On Wednesday, Gunn spent some time on Twitter answering questions from fans as he does fairly often. It didn't take long for one fan to bring up the topic of DC properties, and asked the director if he'd ever consider making the jump to the other major comic publisher.

Part of Gunn's response was pretty standard and expected; "Who knows. Maybe?" That's a fairly average answer from these directors, since they won't flat-out rule anything out. However, the other part of his tweet is what has caught everyone off-guard.

When asked if he would direct a DC film if given the opportunity, Gunn replied, "I've been given the opportunity."

He didn't go into detail about what that project might have been, or when he was given this opportunity, but he did confirm that it happened.

It would be nearly impossible to guess what project Gunn was offered, considering the fact that several DC films have been rumored to be "in development" over the last few years. There are also many more slated to come out in the near future, so the possibilities are nearly endless.

Two easy guesses would be Aquaman and Shazam! Gunn, like Aquaman director James Wan, kicked off his filmmaking career in the horror genre, so he may have been a fit for that role. As far as Shazam! goes, it's a comedic and fantastical property, and Gunn's work on Guardians lends itself to a movie like that. It's also worth noting that current Shazam! director David Sandberg got his start in horror as well.


Again, those are just a couple of theories, and there's a good chance that Gunn's DC discussions could have been about another property entirely. Since so many of these meetings, offers, and contracts are kept such a secret, we'll likely never know what film Gunn had discussions about.

What DC movie do you think James Gunn was approached for? Do you think he could still direct on in the future? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment below!