Jason Momoa Calls Out Chris Pratt Over Use of Wasteful Plastic Bottle

Back and forth commentary between the stars of these massive superhero movies is nothing new. Wednesday brought some new teasing as Christ Pratt posted about his workout store on Amazon and Jason Momoa just couldn’t resist getting a jab in there. Now, Momoa is known for taking on environmental issues when he’s not battling the terrors of the deep as Aquaman. But, fans didn’t look so positively on this small interaction. The Star-Lord actor was using a normal retail bottle of water in the picture he chose for the ‘Gram and the DC movie star let him hear about it. Momoa wrote, “bro i love u but wtf on the water bottle. no single-use plastic. come on.” This is honestly pretty tame when it comes to the barbs that usually fly between these actors. But, people took notice of the comment and as of the time of writing, there are more than 1,400 replies on the comment. Some of the reactions range from encouragement on looking out for the environment to people actually upset that he would “nitpick” like he’s doing. Obviously, there is a lot of mutual respect between the two actors, so it will be curious to see if anything further comes out of this small interaction.

Weirdly enough, there was a very small chance that the two stars could have been sharing the same cinematic universe. A while ago Pratt actually auditioned for the part of Superman in Superman Returns. He told Stephen Colbert that he went all the way out to California for the audition, and came back excited at the prospect of becoming the hero. The late-night host remembered the conversation and joked that the two of them were the only ones that thought Pratt was Superman material. “The casting director did not agree,” Pratt joked in front of that audience.

“It just goes to show that it’s all divinely planned. If it’s not working out in the moment, then have faith that it might work out in the future. The no’s that you get today might mean an even more powerful yes in the future. You know what I mean?” the actor added before cracking, “I’m glad I wasn’t Superman!”

As history tells it, Brandon Routh was the man that Warner Bros. asked to put on Superman’s cape. Pratt might have dodged a bit of controversy by striking out because fans and critics were unkind to Superman Returns. The initial reception was a bit brutal, but even now there are people who will rise up to defend the film. That loyal fanbase has carried over many attempts to get Superman “right” as the years fly by. Routh has gone on to become a staple of The CW’s Arrowverse shows as The Atom and will even don the cape again as a part of Crisis on Infinite Earths this weekend as the event gets underway. So, there’s a happy ending for everybody here. Pratt just has to be careful about those plastic bottles.