Evil Genius Replaces Joker's Laugh With Seth Rogen's

Joker is still the talk of the entertainment world as the out of this world streak at the box office continues. One fan decided to make one small alteration to one moment from the movie that completely turns everything upside down. Comedy writer Justine Stafford took the moment that Arthur Fleck got called to his boss’ office in the film and put Seth Rogen’s laugh over the very piercing laugh the character has in the film. As a popular comedic actor, Rogen’s trademark laughter is ultra noticeable and matched with the dark tone of the movie, it would be absolutely bonkers to see this experiment stretched out over the course of Joker. The memes have been flying around this movie, and it is not hard to see why. Usually, movies of this stature and those that appeal to pop culture staples will get some attention on Reddit and Twitter. Still, it will be pretty hard to shake the sound of that laugh coming out of Joaquin Phoenix’s mouth any time soon.

Interestingly enough, it took Phoenix a while to settle on how he was going to approach The Joker’s laugh. In the Batman mythos, there have been many actors that have come to define the character for different generations. Just re-doing Jack Nicholson’s take or mimicking Heath Ledger wasn’t going to cut it. But, the star figured it out with help from an unlikely source. "I started [with the laugh]," Phoenix told Il Venerdi, "I watched videos of people suffering from pathological laughter, a neurological disorder that makes individuals laugh uncontrollably."

The Joker star’s comments to the popular Italian newspaper La Repubblica's weekly magazine shed light on how far he was willing to dig to leave his mark on the character. The Clown Prince of Crime’s unhinged nature is something that the comics have leaned into more and more over the years. But, this performance stands out from the others, that sinister chuckle hearkening back to a tic is a fresh approach.

Jared Leto's version of The Joker got hyped up a lot heading into Suicide Squad. A large portion of the narrative surrounding the film focused on his turn as the character. In some ways, Leto’s position was even more harrowing. He followed up Heath Ledger's performance - which he won a posthumous Oscar for. Finding his version of The Joker's laugh was no joke. Both Mark Hamill's mad cackle and Ledger's more methodical "ha ha ha," demanded the audience's attention.


"The character is a completely insane madman, with green hair and a great smile," Leto said to Comicbook.com at the film's world premiere.

"You know, when I got asked to play The Joker, I don't really have a big, precarious laugh personally," Leto continued. "So I was a bit terrified. This is a guy who's laughing, and laughing in a way that's very unique. So I worked on it, and worked on it, and came up with something that... is very strange, I admit."