New 'Justice League' Photo Shows Batman With Aquaman's Trident

While DC fans are loving the various Justice League trailers and TV spots, the most interesting promotional items for the film have ironically been what we've taking place behind the scenes!

Just last week we got an awesome moment on set when Wonder Woman's Amazons were pictured hanging out in the Batmobile; today the script is getting flipped, as we see Ben Affleck's Batman enjoying a prop belonging to a different Justice League hero:

(Click HERE for Hi-Res Version)

Justice League Batman with Aquaman's Trident

If you've ever wanted to see Batman holding Aquaman's trident, then this should cross that item right off your bucket list! The moment was captured by Justice League (co-)director Zack Snyder, who gave it the fitting caption of, "the photo to rule all photos." (LOTR references FTW!)


Justice League promotional materials have put a particular spotlight on the interactions between Ben Affleck's Batman and Jason Mamoa's Aquaman: the first Justice League teaser was built around Bruce Wayne first meeting Arthur Curry, and the final trailers have made Aquaman riding on the hood of The Batmobile into a climatic thrill in the vein of Hulk catching falling Iron Man in the final Avengers trailer. We've even seen teases of the moment when Aquaman will lend The Dark Knight his trident in the film - just one of many great DC superhero interactions we hope to see!

Justice League will be in theaters on November 17th.