'Justice League' Blu-ray Includes Bonus Scene Not Seen In Theaters

It seems there will be some bonus footage on the Justice League Blu-ray after all.Justice League [...]

It seems there will be some bonus footage on the Justice League Blu-ray after all.

Justice League is set to hit home video later this year, and a new listing shows that it will include some bonus footage. The Justice League Walmart Exclusive bundle showed up online, and as you can see the red sticker on the front cover says "Includes Bonus Scene not seen in theaters".

Now, it isn't known what that scene will be, as Justice League featured a variety of cut scenes and tweaked sequences. It could be the Kiersey Clemons Flash sequence, which featured Iris West's cinematic universe debut. It could also be the Black Suit cameo that evidently ended up on the cutting room floor.

(Photo: Walmart)

Of course, it could also just be one of the several Aquaman scenes that were reportedly cut for time, which at one point included other characters like Vulko.

Guess fans will just have to wait and see, but it is clear from the "Bonus Scene" description that it will not be the director's cut version that some have called for.

You can pre-order the Justice League Walmart exclusive right here. It's set to ship out on March 30th and should arrive by April 4.

Fans can still catch Justice League in theaters, where it has brought in $227 million domestically. The film has fared better overseas, bringing in over $427 million, with a worldwide total of just over $655 million.

That's a bit disappointing, as Wonder Woman brought in over $412 million domestically alone, with a worldwide total of $821 million. Still, it was always going to be an uphill battle thanks to the somewhat chaotic development, which featured a switch out of directors over midway through and substantial reshoots.

That's not to mention the significant time and effort the VFX wizards at Warner Bros. had to put forth just to get rid of Henry Cavill's Mission Impossible mustache.

Fans can judge for themselves when Justice League lands on home video. In the meantime, though the film is still available in theaters.

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