'Justice League' Deleted Scene Reveals Extended Mera And Steppenwolf Fight

The debate about the existence of the Snyder Cut of Justice League continues even now, and it is only bolstered when videos like the recently revealed Steppenwolf Mera fight end up surfacing.

To be clear, the new video is extended previz footage of Steppenwolf's journey to Atlantis to take the Mother Box they are holding. Still, it holds a few noteworthy things. For one the sequence is extended from the one seen in the trailer, specifically in the part where Steppenwolf is holding Mera against the wall.

In the theatrical scene he grabs her neck and slams her into the wall, then quickly throws her to the ground. In the pre-viz scene though this moment lasts longer, and she's actually using her Aquakinses to try and fend him off for a bit, and it seems to stun him just enough that he throws her to the ground in frustration.

Also, it appears that Steppenwolf was swimming away from Mera at first, trying to get away from her Aquakineses blast in the first place but is sucked in anyway.

The other major change is Steppenwolf himself. You'll notice in this footage he appears in design much closer to his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice look, so it does appear at one point they were just going to continue that look into Justice League.

He sported a much more Kryptonian futuristic look in Batman v Superman's famous deleted scene, and it's unclear why they chose to go away from that and alter the design. In any case, it is always interesting to see what might have been, even if it is in little snippets like these.

You can check out the footage in both videos above.

This is the core of the Snyder Cut argument in the first place mind you. One side is sure that there's enough of this sort of footage to truly show the movie Snyder had in mind when he started crafting Justice League while the other side doesn't think there's enough to really complete the picture, especially when you factor in the reshoots that were probably needed even if Joss Whedon didn't come on board.


Guess we'll just have to wait and see if enough comes to light for a fan to assemble, as we doubt Warner Bros. is going to ever officially release one.

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