'Justice League' Video Breakdown of What's Missing or Changed from First Trailer

The saga of the Justice League movie has been long, surprising, and littered with scorned fans who [...]

The saga of the Justice League movie has been long, surprising, and littered with scorned fans who want to see Zack Snyder's vision as the director intended.

The finished product went through many changes, though it's impossible to determine everything different from Snyder's footage to what replacement director Joss Whedon completed, though there are some telltale signs. One fan made a spirited attempt by comparing the first trailer to footage shown in the movie, revealing what was left out of the final cut.

Check out the video above to see for yourself.

It should be noted that some of the parts that are marked "Inconsistent" might seem like changed footage from Snyder to Whedon, but sometimes trailer companies don't use the takes that are used in the theatrical version. And then there is the color correction from the trailer to the final cut, adding more saturation to the scenes.

But it does give a decent indication in showing just how much the film has changed over time. A lot of effects shots and action sequences have been altered or outright dropped from the final version from all throughout the movie. It ranges from when Wonder Woman stops the terrorists, to when they try to subdue Superman in Metropolis, and even to fighting Steppenwolf's legion of Parademons in the climactic final battle.

And that's just the first trailer. Who knows what happened in the following previews.

The video continues to provide a comprehensive breakdown of what is actually in the movie and what was changed or slightly altered for the film's release.

In the breakdown, it states that reasons for changes are "unknown," but again, trailer companies are usually given a lot of footage to determine some of the most dramatic moments. The filmmakers could use different takes in the editing process in order to best achieve their vision, so that isn't as "devious" as the video might make it seem.

All in all, this is likely to rile up Snyder-Cut fans and add on another thousand fake signatures to the many petitions going around, but will it cause Warner Bros. to cave to fan pressure and actually release a different version of Justice League? We'll see.

Justice League hits Digital HD on February 13th, and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on March 13th.