Justice League To Be A Crowd-Pleaser Type Movie

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had immense weight on its shoulders, which you could almost physically sense throughout the film.

With Justice League, however, the pressure will be less about packing in as many world-building moments as possible, but rather more about delivering a fun action packed film. Sources have told Variety reporter Kristopher Tapley that "Justice League will be a crowd-pleaser, more suited to Snyder's talents, and that the upcoming two-part event is extremely kinetic and visual."

No one questions Zack Synder's skill with a camera, and his ability to extract scenes straight from the comic and display them on the big screen is personally unparalleled. Still, the pace of the film should benefit greatly from having less foundation building to pack in.

Justice League Part 1 drops on November 17th, 2017.

via Variety

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