Zack Snyder's Son Says 'Justice League' Is 'Not What it Could Have Been'

Critics have been quick to point out the flaws in Justice League that stemmed from combining the polarizing visions of directors Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon. While it was Snyder's project from the beginning, Warner Bros. brought in Whedon to film the reshoots and re-write much of the script.

This week, it was made evident that critics weren't the only ones who had problems with the movie, as Zack Snyder's son took to social media to voice his concerns surrounding the final product.

Synder's son Jett posted his initial reactions to the movie on Vero and, as you can't imagine, he had some words for Warner Bros.

"On a more serious note I did enjoy the movie, although it is clearly not what it could have been due to the meddling by Warner Brothers and the forced comedy," Jett Elin wrote on the social media site. "The run time was my biggest gripe with the movie, with events that should take a long time over in a flash: but still definitely a fun movie to watch, and would recommend it."

While still positive, Elin clearly took issue with how the studio handled his father's movie. The run time was an issue for many fans of Snyder's as his films are usually fairly long. The final cut of Justice League, after all of the reshoots, came in at just under two hours.


It seems as though many fans agree with Elin on these thoughts, as over 100K people have signed a petition for Warner Bros. to release Snyder's final cut of the film when Justice League is released on Blu-Ray.